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02 Mar 2018
Structural integrity investigation for RPV with various cooling water levels under pressurized melting pool
Jianfeng Mao, Yunkai Liu, Shiyi Bao, Lijia Luo, Zhiming Lu, and Zengliang Gao
Mech. Sci., 9, 147-160,, 2018
27 Feb 2018
Module-based structure design of wheeled mobile robot
Zirong Luo, Jianzhong Shang, Guowu Wei, and Lei Ren
Mech. Sci., 9, 103-121,, 2018
27 Feb 2018
Tool selection method based on transfer learning for CNC machines
Jingtao Zhou, Han Zhao, Mingwei Wang, and Bingbo Shi
Mech. Sci., 9, 123-146,, 2018
20 Feb 2018
Mechanical behaviour of a creased thin strip
Jie Liu, Shanqing Xu, Guilin Wen, and Yi Min Xie
Mech. Sci., 9, 91-102,, 2018
19 Feb 2018
Modelling, simulation and experiment of the spherical flexible joint stiffness
Songyu Li, Liquan Wang, Shaoming Yao, Peng Jia, Feihong Yun, Wenxue Jin, and Dong Lv
Mech. Sci., 9, 81-89,, 2018
16 Feb 2018
Determining the range of allowable axial force for the third-order Beam Constraint Model
Fulei Ma, Guimin Chen, and Guangbo Hao
Mech. Sci., 9, 71-79,, 2018
14 Feb 2018
Heat transfer and MHD flow of non-newtonian Maxwell fluid through a parallel plate channel: analytical and numerical solution
Alireza Rahbari, Morteza Abbasi, Iman Rahimipetroudi, Bengt Sundén, Davood Domiri Ganji, and Mehdi Gholami
Mech. Sci., 9, 61-70,, 2018
07 Feb 2018
Design and evaluation of a continuum robot with extendable balloons
Efe Yamac Yarbasi and Evren Samur
Mech. Sci., 9, 51-60,, 2018
31 Jan 2018
A self-adjusting stiffness center design for large stroke compliant XY nanomanipulators
Zhiqing Liu, Zhen Zhang, and Peng Yan
Mech. Sci., 9, 41-50,, 2018
22 Jan 2018
Pa2 kinematic bond in translational parallel manipulators
Alfonso Hernández, Erik Macho, Mónica Urízar, Víctor Petuya, and Zhen Zhang
Mech. Sci., 9, 25-39,, 2018
09 Jan 2018
A novel non-contact measuring system for the thread profile of a ball screw
Leilei Zhao, Hutian Feng, and Qianfeng Rong
Mech. Sci., 9, 15-24,, 2018
04 Jan 2018
Continuous Static Gait with Twisting Trunk of a Metamorphic Quadruped Robot
Chunsong Zhang and Jian S. Dai
Mech. Sci., 9, 1-14,, 2018
20 Dec 2017
Prediction of surface location error in milling considering the effects of uncertain factors
Xianzhen Huang, Fangjun Jia, Yimin Zhang, and Jinhua Lian
Mech. Sci., 8, 385-392,, 2017
14 Dec 2017
The design formulae for skew line gear wheel structures oriented to the additive manufacturing technology based on strength analysis
Yueling Lyu, Yangzhi Chen, and Yifan Lin
Mech. Sci., 8, 369-383,, 2017
12 Dec 2017
A modified pseudo-rigid-body modeling approach for compliant mechanisms with fixed-guided beam flexures
Pengbo Liu and Peng Yan
Mech. Sci., 8, 359-368,, 2017
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